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  • Ruth Hartley

Talking about work – Lecture with Rowan Lear

In preparation for my viva assessment in a few weeks’ time, I have looked back on notes from a lecture we had with our tutor, Rowan. We discussed ways in which you should talk about your work, below and notes taken from the lecture.

When talking about work it is important to be:

· Concise

· Relatable

· Inspiring

· Engaging

· Well structured

· Aware of audience – use of language.

Describe the work, don’t let it speak for itself.


· Process of technique

· Personal biography

· Statement of intent

· Visual description

· Education and experience

· Key question – what is the project asking?

· Future developments

Tell a story! Discuss the process and any connections made along the way. Discuss subject, rationale, motivation, context and research.

Fingers crossed for the viva assessment!

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