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  • Ruth Hartley

Planning our exhibition

After our talk with Charlie Booth, it was clear the tasks that we needed to carry out to make our degree show a success. After discussing with the rest of the group, we decided what each group would need to do to ensure all the jobs would be completed in time and efficiently. Our group were given the initial tasks of organising the room layouts, writing the group statement and acknowledgements.

Emily and I planned a date to go into the studio spaces so that we could measure the spaces available and work out who to put where. We asked if anyone would prefer a room with natural light, as there was only one room for this to be possible. With this in mind we made a plan, and after a few changes, we had our final room layout.

We also sat down and wrote our group statement and acknowledgements together. This will be used in our brochure, as well as being on show at our degree show.

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