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  • Ruth Hartley

Job application (WYP)

After reflecting on a session at university on employability and careers, I thought about the skills that I had developed in my 4 years of studying. Whilst not something I have done much of at university, my video editing skills came to mind. I have always found it easy to learn things that I find interesting or enjoyable, so learning how to edit images and videos has always been something I’ve experimented with and researched.

Whilst having a conversation with a friend who works for West Yorkshire Police about what my potential jobs may be upon leaving university, he suggested that I look at the job vacancies on the WYP website. I found a job vacancy being advertised for a video editing role and decided to apply.

When completing the application, I reflected on the session that we had with Joanne Watson from the careers and employability team at university. I listed the skills I had gained from studying at university and used the resources that Joanne had provided. I worked out how my skills would be effective in the role I was applying for and filled in the application listing my relevant skills where necessary. I was unfortunately unsuccessful in this application, however the job was readvertised the week afterwards, so after reading feedback, I applied a second time and am eagerly waiting to hear back!

Regardless of whether I am successful in this application, I have learnt a great deal about how the skills I have gained in my time at university can be applied to required competencies and values in the industry, such as communication, time management/organisation, collaboration, being critical, supportive, and many more.

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