• Ruth Hartley

First Shoot (26/02/2022)

When proposing this project at the end of last year, I decided that I wanted to continue shooting on my Rolleicord, a 70-year-old medium format twin lens reflex camera. Using this form of image capturing has led to strong bodies of work, so I decided it would be perfect for this project.

Before deciding on dates for my shoots, I had to check the weather forecast ahead of time to ensure there wasn’t any torrential rain forecasted. I decided that a little rain wouldn’t matter too much, but I wanted to shoot on days when it was bright whilst also being sunny if possible.

The first day I went to shoot in Blackpool was the 26th of February. It was bright and sunny, and I managed to shoot 2 and a half rolls of film, equating to around 30 images. The use of film and my analogue camera allowed me to slow down my image making and really consider what I was capturing with my camera, so even though I only came away from that shoot with 30 images, all had been carefully composed and were strong images.

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