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  • Ruth Hartley

Collecting statements (written, audio, and survey)

I wanted to have statements from members of the public alongside my work other than statistical facts or my own opinions, so I came up with two questions that I could ask members of the public (in Blackpool) in order to get my desired response. The two questions I asked were, what are your thoughts on the current situation regarding rising costs? How do you think this will affect the people of Blackpool?

On my first shoot in Blackpool, I asked people in person if they could write down their responses to the questions. This was somewhat successful, however only brought eight responses, with some people suggesting they would rather not have to write down their responses. With this in mind, on my next visit to Blackpool I decided to ask the same questions, but this time to record people’s responses on my phones interview app. This method was somewhat more successful as it allowed people to just speak their mind rather than trying to formulate their answer onto paper. I gained a further four responses but knew that I would need more in order for them to have the desired effect beside my photos.

Needing more responses, I decided that the best way to get more would be to share a short survey online. I did this by joining two Facebook groups for residents of Blackpool, as well as sharing the survey to my Instagram story in the hopes that some of my followers were from Blackpool. This was successful, and I met my desired number of statements through this method.

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