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  • Ruth Hartley

Charlie Booth – Visiting Speaker

Charlie Booth works within ‘the realms of photography curation, producing and project management and community engagement.’

In her talk, she discussed ways in which you would curate and set up an exhibition/festival, and the different questions you need to ask and answer before, during, and after setting it up. In small groups, we all came up with a plan for an exhibition/festival if we were to be given any amount of money and anything was possible. We had to consider the following:

· Where are you going to get the money from? Budget?

· Who is going to be involved in your project? Partners, artists, volunteers etc.

· What is it they are going to do? Exhibitions, workshops etc. Where?

· Why do the project? What are the outcomes?

· How long is it going to take?

· How will the festival be marketed?

Below are our groups ideas and discussions…

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