My Home (2020)

I have always been told and gone by the notion that a house isn’t a home, just as a Church isn’t a building but is a community of people. The people in the house and the memories are what makes a building or a place a home. I have lived in Middleton my whole life, as have generations before me.

Situated on a hill just south of the city centre, my small yet busy town is my home. It is also the home of my parents and was my grandparents and their parents before them. This town wasn’t just my ancestors’ home, but many of them worked in and around the town as coal miners, coal deliverers, owners of livestock, milkmen, and many also worked on and for the trams and trains passing through and stopping in Middleton.

Over four seperate days, I walked around the border or my town, taking a photo every 100 steps.