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Artist Statement

From a young age, Ruth always had an interest in photography. Her first memory of taking a photo was when she picked up a family disposable camera and filled the roll with random shots of her family home. Around the age of 14, Ruth’s Grandad showed her his Canon DSLR, and explained how it worked and the process of capturing an image on a sensor. For her next birthday, Ruth got her own DSLR, marking the beginning of her photographic journey.

Five years after being told she would never make it into university by those that were meant to support her artistic career, Ruth is now drawing to a close on four years of study at the University of Cumbria.­­­­­ Over those four years, Ruth has developed skills in multiple areas of photographic image making, now specialising in analogue photography on her SLR and TLR. Ruth has found that this method of image making allows her to slow down and take in more of the world around her. Her photographs in her projects shot on film are creatively strong and every element is carefully considered. When she one day returns to digital photography, Ruth will endeavour to carry over the skills, knowledge, and artistic eye that she has developed through shooting using slower processes.


Following on from her education, Ruth looks to continue her photographic journey using the technical skills she has gained whilst studying. Just two of the many skills she has gained are, editing and retouching photographs in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom, and working with moving images and audio in both Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiere Pro. These are both two areas in which she would like to develop her knowledge, skills, and experience further in a future career.

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